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Rules for the match

DATE OF CONDUCT: Sunday, August 14, 2022.

REGISTRATIONS: Entries will be made via the registration process at the email address: here

Registrations can be made to the Registry of the match up to half an hour before the start, unless the required number of entries has been completed. The maximum number of athletes is set to 200 and the order of priority will be met. After completing the registration form you will receive a reply email confirming your participation.

STARTING - Termination: The start and the finish is set at the centre of the village of Dervitsani is common to both matches.

SUBMISSION OF DECLARATIONS FOR PARTICIPATION - DEADLINE: The deadline for the participation is set on Thursday, August 12, 2021. Participation is FREE.

HOW TO RECEIVE NUMBER: When the names are published a few days before the race, there will be a number that corresponds to each athlete. Alphabetically, based on your surname you will ask your organization's secretariat for your number.

SECRETARIAT: The race secretariat will be in the cultural center of Dervitsani one day before the race (13-8-2021) from 17:00 to 20:00 and at the start of the race so that the participants can receive their participation number even on Sunday 14-8-2021 from 07:00 until 07:40.

TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Technical update of the match will be made the day before, through our facebookpage for both  5.5km and 12km races.

RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE: The racers must have completed their 18th birthday. Runners under the age of 18 will be able to participate only with a responsible statement from their guardian.

KILOMETRIC DISTANCES - ROUTE MARKINGS: There will be RED signs every 1 km as well as marking with ribbons and special painting arrows for the 12 km race. The same applies to the match of the  5.5 km race but there will be BLUE signs.

TIME LIMITATION LIMITS: Limits and timing stops at 11:00 am. After that time, athletes participate on their own responsibility.

BENEFITS: After the end of the children's race (11:00 o'clock), cups will be awarded to the first three finalists of the womans category,three of the mans category and three of the childrens category.Prize medals will be awarded to all the participants upon their termination.

TIMING: There will exist a fast timing by a chronometer which will be located in the finish line.


CONTROL POINTS: There will be checkpoints along the route. Athletes are obliged to have their number clearly visible so that they can be registered by the judges. Denial of number denotes exclusion.

SAFETY: The event offers care of doctors, nurses and volunteers for security issues and medical assistance to athletes in need. In cases where security staff and judges indicate to athletes that they need to change direction for safety reasons, athletes are obliged to obey. Denial of compliance means exclusion. If the physician of the match advises that an athlete is in a poor condition and is unable to continue, then the athlete is obliged to deliver his number and follow the instructions.

ROUTE AMENDMENT - MOVEMENT: Considering the chance of extreme weather, the event reserves the right to modify the route or to postpone the start of the race for a short or longer period, always taking into account the physical integrity of the athletes.

PENALTIES: All of the following violations result in the exclusion penalty: Non-appearance or alteration of the number of participation, throwing away garbage, preventing another athlete or unsportsman behavior, non-compliance with judge's instructions, rudeness - misconduct towards the organizing committee, judges, volunteers, no presentation at a control station, denial of examination by an organization's physician if this is deemed necessary at any time during the race.

AMENDMENT OF RULES: The organizers reserve the right to amend the race regulations. In any case changes to the race will be posted on the organizing website.

 OTHER REMARKS: It is strictly forbidden to drop any object along the route. There is a special plastic waste bag at the feeder station. Dropping packing materials at any point in the route beyond the predefined, results in the athlete's exclusion penalty. The shortening of the route is forbidden and is punished by blocking the athlete. Each competitor has the responsibility and is obliged to carefully monitor the right direction warning signals. All participants are required to fully respect the regulations described above and to obey any suggestions from the match judges. Failure to comply with the rules or recommendations of the judges will result in the penalty of exclusion. Any other person authorized by the organization may also record any violation and submit it for review to the Match Committee.

CONDITION OF PARTICIPATION: A prerequisite for participating in a match is during the registration process to declare responsibly that he has learned  the rules of the match and that he accepts them fully and unconditionally.

AFTER THE  RACE: The organizers will take care of athletes, escorts and volunteers with food ( free of charge).After that there will be a music event.

RESULTS: The results and photos will be posted on the club's website as well as on the facebook page.

* DISCLAIMER: The committee shall not be liable for death, injury or any health damage of the participants, who by submitting the application form, declare the following:
They are aware of the risks that might occur in a demanding mountainous race
2)They confirm that they are healthy and fit to take part in the race, having been recently examined by a doctor. Athletes are obliged to go through regular medical screening and physical examination. Therefore, medical certificates will be required. The Committee bears no responsibility for the injury of athletes who choose to ignore the warnings in certain parts of the route, running the risk of falling with unpleasant or fatal outcome. The Committee declines any financial responsibility in case an athlete makes use of external assistance.